Bhaskar in quarters

 B Bhaskar overcame challenges from Manoj Tekwani (3-0) and Parthiban (3-0) to enter the quarterfinals of the State-ranking Senior Billiards tournament here at the KSBA on Wednesday.

Bhaskar will take on Michael Rebello, who defeated Arjun Mehta (3-2) and Santosh Kumar (3-1) to progress to the last-eight stage.

Results: IH Manudev bt Deepak A 3-0; B Bhaskar bt Manoj Tekwani 3-0; Partiban S bt Madhu Chandra 3-0; Satish Kumar A bt HE Anand 3-0; D Rajkumar bt Santosh Kumar A 3-0; ML Lakshman bt Sameer Sait 3-1; Michael Rebello bt Arjun Mehta 3-2; IH Manudev bt KS Naveen 3-0; ML Lakshman bt HE Anand 3-1; D Rajkumar bt Arjun Mehta 3-1; B Bhaskar bt Parthiban 3-0; Michael Rebello bt Santosh Kumar 3-1; Madhu Chandra bt Manoj Tekwani 3-2; Parthiban bt Manoj Tekwani 3-1; Satish Kumar A bt Sameer Sait 3-0; Naveen KS bt Deepak A 3-0; D Rajkumar bt Satish Kumar A 3-0; ML Lakshman bt Satish Kumar A 3-0; D Rajkumar bt Michael Rebello 3-0;

Quarterfinal line-up: B Bhaskar vs Michael Rebello; KS Naveen vs ML Lakshman; D Rajkumar vs Satish Kumar A; S Parthiban vs IH Manudev.

Vidya, Chitra progress

Vidya Pillai, Chitra M Judy Walia and Varshaa Sanjeev registered wins in their quarterfinal matches of the ladies State-ranking snooker tournament.

Results (Quarterfinals): Vidya Pillai bt Uma Devi 2-1 (47-58, 66-12, 57-21), Chitra M bt Praveshika 2-0 (67-11, 61-15), Judy Walia bt Aradhana Naik 2-1 (44-40, 49-65, 57-20), Varshaa Sanjeev bt Indira Gowda 2-1 (71-32, 54-72, 75-24).

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