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The case in point

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The case in point

These are unconventional times and such times call for surprises. Like pen drives, for instance. They have shed their traditional format and are emerging in new avatars with plenty of fun elements to charge you. Not surprising they make for great gift items too. Here are a few of them that could turn more than a few heads.

‘Arr’ you ready?
Work like a captain and play like a pirate with this ‘One Hand Hook Man’ pen drive.
Price:  749

Slurp stories
Don’t mistake it to be your dessert! It’s your ever-handy ‘Butter Chocolate Ice Cream’ pen drive!
Where: Price:  650

Keep ‘em awake
Wake up the nocturnal  bird with your important files and documents.
Price:  600

It’s bananas!
Transferring data has never been simpler with the quirky ‘Minion’ pen drive that allows you to transfer or store information quickly, stylishly and at times, uniquely too.
Price:  479

Zoom it
Race to the finish line with the uber-cool, trendy ‘Ferrari F1 Racing Car Metal’ pen drive.
Price:  690

Swish and flick
Want to keep your pen drive safe in your wallet? You can easily do that with this ‘Credit Card’ shaped one.
Price:  449

Avenger is here
Switch to something that suits your superhero tastes like the colourful ‘Captain America Shield’ pen drive.
Price:  1,499

Saddle up
Bring out the rider in you with this ‘Horse Brown Shape Fancy’ pen drive.
Price:  899

A pal in need
Bring out the child in you with the playful ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ pen drive.
Where: Price:  699

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