To use or not to use technology

To use or not to use technology

It is said technology was invented to aid humanity, but today we see something else. Technological advancement that was meant to empower society has instead created an unequal configuration of world society wherein the most economically and technologically developed countries are in caucus league for self-interest in strengthening their privileged positions.

This is nothing but another form of technological apartheid. Today, infor­mation seems all set to become a new determinant of power. There is absolutely no denial of the fact that the Internet indeed offers the promise of better information, easier communication and an enhanced sense of community on paper. But can it be trusted to democratise societies? Well that’s a big question! Because with all its benefits, there is also a much darker side to this magical technology which is very scary and highly catastrophic.

One of the major drawbacks of the Internet is that it’s an open platform, where there is no differentiation of age and hence minor children could take up the wrong sites for surfing, including pornography and those containing negative information. The threat of constant connectivity has robbed humanity of its privacy because there is constant fear in people’s mind of being clicked or getting shot by anyobody with their mobile cams or spy cams.

Today, the powerful nations of the world use information warfare techniques extensively by way of surfing the Internet day and night to grind up and dissect the information moving over it in order to poison and misinform as many people as possible, loot databases and electronic correspondence and endanger our elementary liberty to communicate freely.

Now, the question is should we or shouldn't we use these technologies? If we sit down and think rationally, then we would realise that actually, it is not the Internet but its misuse and abuse which is to be blamed for the emerging ills in society. We should remember that all technological advancement, including the cyber dimension of human development, lacks understanding of the true identity and nature of the inner self which has led to boundless greed, ego and lust in human relationships.

As a result, today, the entire human race is paying heavily for its ignorance about the operation of spiritual laws. This is evident from the fact that the exploiters are no less peaceless and unhappy than the exploited. So, what is the solution to this misery? Well, the solution lies in bringing about a spiritual awakening that gives the realisation that as eternal souls, we all are spiritual brothers who have one and the same eternal parent, the Supreme Soul. This realisation would help us to  interact with each other with love and compassion and use the technological marvels of our times for the common good of all.

So, let’s engage ourselves in this important task of inner transformation so as to pave the way for a positive social change and en masse global upliftment through the expressway.

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