Spinning the track!

Spinning the track!

High voltage

Spinning the track!

With music festivals becoming popular among youngsters these days, it wasn’t a surprise that the Sunburn Festival took over the City recently. And Dutch music legend DJ Tiesto was back for the third time to churn out some great music.

The man, who needs no introduction, has been a household name in the dance music scene for decades. He enthralls fans with high-voltage music and turns cities into the largest dance floors.  DJ Tiesto shared with ‘Metrolife’ a few secrets of his success.

Who do you owe your success to?

I owe it all to my fans. There’s an inexplicable rush that comes from them when I’m in the middle of a set, and the energy is insane. I also get really inspired by collaborations. I’ve learned so much from the emerging producers I’ve worked with, just as they’ve learned from me.

When did you know you wanted to be a DJ?

I’ve always wanted to be a DJ so I could play the music I love for other people. Even though my sets are always evolving, that feeling hasn’t changed. Maybe when I’m 60, I’ll produce lounge music. People call me ‘the godfather’ but I’m more like the mentor — I like to give advice for free. Since I was a kid, I always felt the need to share the music I love with as many people as possible, and DJing seemed like the perfect outlet. I was influenced by all sorts of genres and I still am today.

Tell us a few of your tricks.

I play only what I really like myself, but also try to please the crowd within that personal space.
If you could be stuck in a music scene from any time period, which would it be?

The ’90s club classics, ’80s pop and ’70s disco. Some tunes never go stale — they just need a little rest and they’re as good as new.

What bothers you about the DJ scene?

The assumption that DJs are just button pushers. It’s not just about pushing a button; it’s a lifestyle. Yes, it’s easy to be a DJ — it always has been. Back in the day, you had turntables and you just adjusted the pitch. But it’s a matter of practicing. It’s also very easy to play the piano or the guitar if you’ve been practicing for 10 years. I think the art of DJ’ing is knowing what record to play, when to play it and keeping people interested. If it was as simple as just pushing a button, why would there be 60,000 people coming to hear our music?

Your USP is....

Maintaining innovation, reading the crowd and giving it all I’ve got.

What were your expectations from the Sunburn Festival this year?

Sunburn has done a phenomenal job with putting India on the global dance music map. They are the ones who introduced the concept of dance music to India and it’s great to know that they are one of the leading festivals around the world just like Tomorrowland.

Other than playing at Sunburn, what else have you  planned?

I’d like to go sightseeing a little. Indian women are very beautiful, the culture is very interesting, the food is spicy but delicious. I’d like to go and meet like-minded producers and see where synergies can be explored.

As told to Anila Kurian

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