Graduate beggar looks forward to a better future

Graduate beggar looks forward to a better future

Vijay suffers from post polio paralysis

Vijay N SangliVijay N Sangli (39), who hails from Boodiyal Road in Bagalkot, completed his degree with high marks despite his physical infirmity, but was forced to beg. Sangli, who has been suffering from polio since childhood, is now a victim of Post Polio Residual Paralysis. He is unable to walk and moves around in a makeshift trolley which he pushes himself.

Though his physical disability was never a hindrance to his studies, fate has made him a  beggar.

Sangli, the only son of poor Neelappa Sangli and Gowramma, lost his parents before he was 15. With the help of his relatives, he completed B Sc degree from the Siddaganga Mutt College at Tumkur in 1991.

He was also selected by the Chennai-based TVS Group, along with 19 other students, in a campus interview. Sangli served for ten years in the company but was forced to leave as the contract was only for ten years. He was drawing a salary of Rs 8,200 per month when he left the job. 

Later, Sangli returned to Bagalkot with the dreams of an alternative job. But nothing worked out, and his relatives too did not lend a helping hand.

Mentally upset, Sangli started wandering on his trolley for a job. Finally, hunger compelled him to become a beggar. He was spotted by the police near Shri Mahalingeshwara Temple at Puttur in Dakshina Kannada district in December last year.

Later, the court directed the police to send him to Social Welfare Department’s Destitute Home at Pachanadi near Mangalore for rehabilitation.

Sangli, who still nurtures hopes of a good job and prosperous future, is now engaged in decorating the Destitute Home by creating handicrafts out of waste materials including cloth, paper, straw and other items.

Artist within Sangli had learnt the art of creating decorative hangings for doors and walls using waste materials during his school days.

The warden of the Home, Ashok says that Sangli can convert any waste material into a beautiful artifact within minutes.

Ashok said that he provides Sangli with waste materials so that he could improve upon his skills and also to keep him engaged, as Sangli was mentally disturbed due to the ill luck.

He also helped Sangli to obtain a certificate from the Health Department to prove his disability. Ashok said that he would be receiving the compensation paid to the handicapped people by the government.

Now the physically-challenged Sangli dreams high with a sound mind. He can be contacted through warden Ashok on 9886733736.