Can you make people smile?

A parish priest known for his spirit of thankfulness never began his sermon every Sunday without thanking God for something. He would thank God for his congregation, for the good weather, for the co-operation of Church members and even for the pets people had in their homes.

It so happened that the weather was very miserable one Sunday with heavy snowing and biting cold that people were naturally inclined to disappointment and even grumbling.

The congregation only wondered if their parish priest would ever have anything to thank God for. To their shock and surprise, the parish priest began from the pulpit, “My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, today is a beautiful day to thank the Lord. Let us join together in thanking the Lord that all through the year we do not have the weather as bad as it is today. Let us thank God for the beautiful weather we enjoy through the rest of the year.”

The whole congregation smiled in unison. It is worth saying “Good morning” even when the morning doesn’t seem good, for there is always something good to look back at and something to look forward to. American writer Elbert Green Hubbard wrote, “Always remember to forget the things that made you sad, but never forget to remember the things that made you glad.”

To put a smile on someone’s face is a simple but a very powerful way of making the world around you a better place to live in. You can bring cheer, hope and comfort to people even in a situation of embarrassment, misery or suffering.

One of the most joyful letters of Saint Paul while in prison himself was radiated in his first letter to the Philippians (3:5-6) “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, thankful for your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.”

There was bitter embarrassment at the wedding feast at Cana in Galilee. Celebration over wine was a customary and prominent part of a Palestinian wedding. Mother Mary informs Jesus of the anxiety of the wedding parties.

Smiles had probably changed to frowns and grumbles.

She tells Jesus, “They have no wine.” Mary knowing fully well that it was not in the nature of her son Jesus to allow people to wallow in anxiety, asked the stewards to prepare for a miracle. Jesus swings into action. Water is changed to wine. The great miracle and message is not so much that God can turn water into wine, but that God in His great love will not allow His people to be held in ransom or anxiety.
Godly people make people smile with hope. How godly are you?

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