The joy of togetherness

The joy of togetherness

The joy of togetherness
The first picture was taken in 2006 at our home in Indiranagar. It was indeed a very special moment for us because it was quite rare when the three of us would get together.  I used to travel a lot on work.

Our son, Prithvi Raj, was nine-years-old then. He was never shy of the camera. He  would also freely mingle with people. When it came to mingling with people I think he has taken after my wife Jayanthi, who is capable of enlivening any boring atmosphere.

 Those days, I used to barely get time to spend  with my son because of my hectic schedule. He was also too young to understand my profession but as he grew older, he began to connect with sport and soon cricket turned into an obsession of sorts until his interests switched to other sports, particularly basketball.

 As a child, he would accompany me on my international coaching tours and would keenly watch me when I played. As a child, Prithvi was very inquisitive and curious and would ask a lot of questions regarding the sport. I was more than happy to spend time answering them.

Whatever extra time we got to spend together was bonus. I missed his growing up years but I realised that you had to make small sacrifices to gain something better. My wife Jayanthi held a high position with the Titan Industries but she, despite her schedules, more than made up for my absence.

By nature, she is just the opposite of what I am. While I am the quieter and the more reserved one in the family, Jayanthi is a very lively person and has a fantastic sense of humour. Fortunately, our son has picked up the best qualities in both of us.

During my childhood days, I had played every  conceivable sport including ‘kabaddi’, ‘lagori’, spinning the top and even marbles on the street. I was born and brought up in Bengaluru. I studied in Vidya Mandir in ITI Colony because my father worked in ITI and the children of the employees of ITI were eligible to study at Vidya Mandir.

The school was not only known for its discipline but had one of the best facilities in sports. It was a small locality where everybody knew each other well. I picked up my interest in cricket from school and carried it forward even after I went to Vijaya College in Basavanagudi. Because of my interest in sports, I always made sure that my son got out of the house every evening and played some kind of sport.

Prithvi is now 19 and extremely fit. It is his commitment and dedication to achieve extreme fitness that has made him look the way he is now. He now studies  in Pune and has taken up liberal arts. I played actively for India till I retired in 2003 and chose to coach the Indian cricket team instead of playing the sport. I am assistant general manager with Canara Bank at its head office.

Now that both Prithvi and I are out travelling, finding time to spend together as a family is our biggest challenge. This is also one of reasons why this particular picture brings back great memories for me.

Venkatesh Prasad