For fresh air - New 'n' happening

For fresh air - New 'n' happening

For fresh air - New 'n' happening

For fresh air

Blueair, a premium air purifier company from Sweden, announced its India debut of Blueair Pro XL — its most powerful mobile indoor air purifier. The launch of Pro XL is a part of the company’s ‘Pro’ range of air purifiers now being showcased in India. The series, which offers extraordinary power from a very slim and sleek new design, is available in three models designed for different room sizes. These are Pro M, Pro L and Pro XL, which have received a warm responses from consumers and business users worldwide for their combination of air purifying efficiency and elegant design. 

The filtration technology allows for less dense filters that translate into both lower noise levels and energy consumption. In short, the HEPASilentTM technology allows Blueair Pro to handle large volumes of air while staying whisper quiet.

Additionally, an optional ‘air intelligence module’ automatically adjusts air purification performance depending on the amount of pollutants in the air. Ideal for offices, hospital waiting rooms, hotel lobbies as well as large living spaces, the Pro series is the result of the company’s 20 years of exclusive indoor air purifying experience and air cleaning technology knowhow.

Pure water

Whirlpool of India, a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation, unveils its latest water purifier, Destroyer, armed with the latest electro-absorption technology.

The water purifier is a five-stage filtration system comprising an external pre-filter and the unique ‘EAT Filter’, which gives you the power of four filters in one. It eliminates most of the harmful impurities like microorganisms, organic and chemical impurities and heavy metals, while retaining essential minerals — unlike any other water purifier.

Destroyer is the first product to deliver high filtration efficiency even at low pressure and does not require electricity to function.

It offers a tank capacity of six litres with a five-stage filtration stage. The EAT filter lasts almost eight to nine months, while the pre-filter lasts three to four months. The flow rate is 0.8-1 LPM (four times the RO flow rate).

Innovative tables

With smartphones becoming such an integral part of everyone’s lives, introduces its latest award winning design — the Nexo Knight. An innovative range of solid wood tables with in-built wireless charging pad, the Nexo Knight line of tables smartly blend with your home decor. What’s more, it can be kept next to your bed or in your living room to seamlessly provide wire-free charging of your smartphones and tablets.

These tables have been specially designed in premium quality acacia wood, pinewood and an in-built wireless charger allowing for maximum ease and power with minimum hassle. It is a step ahead in blending technology with design to suit the new-age smart homes. It elegantly infuses smart design solutions ushering a new era in design technology, making it the future of home and business convenience. So, it’s time to say goodbye to cluttered cables and invite home the new range of solid wood tables with in-built wireless charging pad.