Moments with family

Moments with family

My perfect weekend

Moments with family

There’s no actor who can confidently differentiate between a weekday and a weekend. The two blend seamlessly and we actors always find it hard to grab some time for ourselves between our hectic schedules. But my children’s arrival has made my husband Jay’s and my weekend more meaningful. All our activities now revolve around them.  

My children and I look forward to the weekend because that’s the only time we get to spend together as the rest of the days the children are rushing to school and back and running again for either music classes or tennis coaching. My daughter Jahnavi is into sports and my son Arjun has found his interest in music. I see the kids for barely thirty minutes every morning and in the evening, they usually get busy with homework and extra-curricular activities. So weekends are also when we slow down and switch to a more relaxed mode.

We go easy on our breakfast and lunch on the weekend. On a Saturday morning, we usually have a ‘masala dosa’ because the kids love it and we have also taken a liking to it. We also make ‘chhole bhature’ and all experiments with food happen then.

Towards late evening, we make sure we watch the latest movie running at the nearest Inox. We also go there because the kids can never get enough of the different flavours of popcorn! Not only is the pace slow during these two days but I also make sure that I get enough time to indulge in things that I like. I attend yoga classes over the weekend with the Iyengar Yoga Group.

    I also have a yoga instructor coming home. I make sure I devote enough time to it as it not only leaves me feeling rejuvenated but also prepares me for the next week’s rush.
I am even learning light classical music.

I am a reserved person who doesn’t like partying much and prefer to hang around with people I am comfortable with. Else, I usually prefer staying at home and doing the little things that I never get time to do on a normal day.

On Sundays, I like sitting out in the garden and teaching Arjun some Hindi. I don’t believe in sitting at the table to teach him. We would much rather sit out in the open and learn. I am very particular that the children speak and write perfect Hindi. Weekends are always reserved for the family and if we are travelling then it’s even better because we get to spend time with each other a lot more than we usually do. Travelling is a passion and we indulge in it whenever our schedules match and we can all take off together. 

However busy Jay and I may be, we always make sure that we spend quality time with our children and we are never too busy to listen to them narrating the happenings at their school, music classes and tennis. The little things that I find time to do over the weekend is what makes it perfect. And the togetherness is what makes it meaningful and prepares me to face another week of challenges.

A few of my favourite things

  My work
  Light classical music
  Playing with my kids
  Family time

As told to Nina C George