'Stop road works taken up in Mullayyanagiri'

'Stop road works taken up in Mullayyanagiri'

Wildlife activist G Veeresh has urged the State government to stop road works taken up in Mullayyanagiri, a sensitive zone of Western Ghats.

He said it is unfortunate that various works are being done in the name of development in this eco-sensitive zone. The hill region is the birthplace of various streams and rivers. It is also houses rare species of animals. The work, being done in an unscientific manner, is condemnable, he said.

Narrow roads are being constructed using interlock, in slopes. As a result, two vehicles cannot pass at the same time easily, he added.

The construction of protective walls have obstructed the movement of wild animals. A landslide has occurred between the way connecting Seethalayyanagiri and Mullayyanagiri. If the work continues, there will be more landslides, he claimed and said that the entire hill range will be in danger.

Hundreds of vehicles move on the road in weekends. This has exerted more pressure on the hilly region, he said and urged the government to run mini buses to Mullayyanagiri to decrease the vehicle density, he added.

Veeresh urged the district administration not to carry out concretisation, construction of buildings, make parking facilities, installation of railings, in the name of tourism development.

Instead, the administration should take steps to protect the environment and wildlife of the region, he added.