Man arrested for murder

Man arrested for murder

 The HSR Layout police have arrested a 27-year-old man in connection with the murder of Chaya Devi (35), a resident of Doddakannehalli on January 4.

The arrested has been identified as Amar Sarkar, a resident of Kudlu Gate, and a bar bender by profession.

According to the police, Devi and Sarkar, who both hail from West Bengal, had come in contact with each other while working at a building under construction. Sarkar used to visit her frequently and their friendship grew over time. He borrowed money from her, promising to return. He began avoding Devi when she used to ask him to return her money. They also had a fight over the issue.

On January 4, Sarkar told Devi that he will return her money and had asked her to come to the Eucalyptus grove near her house and choked her to death, making away with Rs 10,000 in cash and silver valuables, the police said.

Sarkar was working at an apartment in Kundlahalli and has been arrested. During interrogation, it was found that he had killed his wife, Jayanthi, the police said.