Blasts from the past

Blasts from the past

You tend to take those overhead high tension powerlines for granted. But not when a 11 kV cable snaps suddenly and dangles dangerously for hours.

That is exactly what happened in a locality near HAL in April last year. Fortunately for residents, their collective action and relatively quick response from the local Bescom team averted big trouble.

However, not everyone is so lucky. Here are some instances when HT lines turned fatal in different parts of the City.  

2015, DEC 14
Gauri Shankar, a 25-year-old businessman from Tamil Nadu was electrocuted when he came in contact with a high tension wire that passed close to the balcony of the lodge in which he had rented out a room in Madiwala. He was on the balcony, speaking on his mobile phone.

2015, OCT 12
Twelve-year old student, Shreyas died of burns that he suffered when he accidentally touched a high-tension wire near his house in West Bengaluru. The resident of  Deen Bandhu Nagar in Nandini Layout was playing on the terrace of his house.

2015, MAR 29
Another 12-year-old boy was electrocuted while playing cricket near his HSR Layout house. He had come in contact with a hanging live high-tension wire.

2014, OCT 14
A seven-year-old girl walking home from her tuition class came in contact with a live wire dangling from a streetlight in Kalasipalya. She was electrocuted on the spot.