'You have to reinvent yourself'

'You have to reinvent yourself'

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'You have to reinvent yourself'

Wise cracks, witty quips and tons of puns are what comprise stand-up comic Sahil Shah. Often considered as a child stuck in a man’s body; Sahil is one of the youngest comedians around but has given his peers a run for their money. A regular at the Comedy Store; he has tickled everyone’s funny bones and brought major metro cities in splits with his jokes and infectious smile. He is also the founding member of East India Comedy. Apart from stand-up, his hallmarks include acting as an ‘extra’ in the movie ‘Guzaarish’ and being part of TV shows such as ‘Ur Fired’ and ‘The Front Row’. Sahil is also known for his YouTube show ‘The Ad Show' and has written articles for a leading humour magazine.

What is your inspiration when it comes to jokes?

I talk about my family, the funny things that I have observed in life, Indian parents and other random themes which everyone can relate to.

Favourite stand-up comic?
Sahil Shah. Have you ever seen him perform? He is hilarious.

You also acted in ‘Guzaarish’. Will your next big move be comedy for films?
I didn’t ‘act’ in ‘Guzaarish’. I was an extra for 10 seconds and it became my claim to fame. About starting out in films, it’s too early to say now. If someone comes up to me and says, “Thanks for acting in ‘Guzaarish. Where were you all this time?”, I will
definitely move into

You have also worked in Television. Which one is more challenging?
Stand-up is more challenging. The experience of performing live is different while TV and film is edited.

Worst show ever?
The initial few shows when I was starting out in stand-up. I sort of insulted the audience since they weren’t laughing at my jokes. I took a dig at their IQ. Later, a friend told me never to do that.

Three things you can’t live without
My phone, laptop and good looks.

Are you scared about the competition in stand-up?
Nah! You have to constantly reinvent yourself which is a challenge and can be great fun.

Is there a certain pattern you follow while writing your material?
I start writing on a topic I like. Three hours later, I am on Facebook, stalking people and then I realise that I have to get back to writing jokes.

If not a comedian, then...?
A doctor. Both my parents are doctors so it would have inevitably happened.

Tell me a joke.
It’s not spontaneous. See, that’s the advantage of being a doctor. Nobody says carry out a heart operation now.