Angel Dust scripts Derby double

Angel Dust scripts Derby double

Racing : Attaollahi-ward comes up with a brilliant finishing burst to notch stunning win in feature

Angel Dust scripts Derby double

 Angel Dust overthrew a dismal run of form in thrilling fashion, securing a memorable Summer-Winter Derby double on a glorious evening here on Saturday.

A surprise winner of the Kingfisher Bangalore Derby last July but coming into the Garuda Bangalore Derby without a victory in three starts since then, the P Trevor-ridden four-year old filly produced a sizzling final burst in the 2400-metre race to overpower favourite Brilliant Cut and dark horse Mogadishu to leave most people at the Bangalore Turf Club astonished yet again.

“I’m just at a loss of words,” said a delighted SS Attaollahi, the trainer of Angel Dust. “To win one derby itself is a special feeling, to complete a double is overwhelming. Angel Dust has proved she’s a horse for the big occasion. A lot of doubts were cast on her but Ryan Marshall, who works with her everyday, never doubted her.

“On January 16, when we did the preparatory workout, he told us that Angel Dust will win the Derby. Even we laughed about it. Of course we changed the strategy today following its poor run, but who would have thought it would pull off such a thrilling win.”
Moment the gates were opened for the Rs 1.25 crore blue riband event, Calico Jack (TS Jodha astride) decided to set the pace with Brilliant Cut (PS Chouhan up) and Southern Surprise (A Sandesh) not too far behind.

The three crossed the start-finish line well ahead of the chasing pack. They emerged from the second turn at least 50 metres ahead of the crowd, leaving everyone bewildered as perseverance more than pace is the mantra in long distance races.

At the half-way stage, Auriga (A Imran K up) took the lead while Calico Jack and Southern Surprise continued to stay. As is the case always, things started to heat up around the final bend as Mogadishu (Suraj Narredu up) and Brilliant Cut started to rev up and Calico Jack and Southern Surprise began to run out of breath.

Both Brilliant Cut and Mogadishu, choosing to stick to the inside rails, powered ahead of the others after the bend. The duo kept steaming and with 100 metres left, it seemed like the Derby spoils would be fought between them.

But, out of nowhere, Trevor started whipping Angel Dust. Well behind the eight-ball until then, she overtook Mogadishu with 25 metres left and within a blink of an eye, she sped past Brilliant Cut before crossing the line with a timing of 2:33.49 and winning the Rs 74,51,136 prize money.

Brilliant Cut was long neck behind in second, Mogadishu a length and a half back at third and pre-race joint favourite New Alliance a disappointing fourth.

“In the Bangalore Oaks, she ran a very disapproving race. She failed to judge the pace and ended up third. But this time, we changed the tactics. We wanted to preserve her till the end and then unleash her. She ran her own race and the tactics paid off brilliantly,” said jockey Trevor.

The results

1. Asian Racing Cup (Div-II) 1200M: Babushka (Vikram Singh) PS Chouhan 1; All Thats Nice (Arshad Alam) 2; Possimpossible (Imran Chisty) 3; Amazing Skill (Suraj Narredu) 4; WB: Shd, 3/4, 2L; T: 1:14.99; Tote: Rs 33w, Rs 17, Rs 23, Rs 14p; TB: Irfan Ghatala; Fav: Babushka; Fc: Rs 303; Q: Rs 197; Shp: Rs 72; T: Rs 725 and Rs 223; Exp: Rs 2349 and Rs 1081.

2. Vijaynagar Cup 1600M: Aayan (TS Ravindra and Ms Kannan S & SR Sarella) PS Chouhan 1; Sagrada (S John); Hapticstar (Chetan Kalay) 3; Hector (Imran Khan) 4; Not Run: Cullinan; WB: 2-3/4, 5, 3/4L; T: 1:40.17; Tote: Rs 36w, Rs 17, Rs 15, Rs 27p; TB: MP Mahesh; Fav: Sagrada: Fc: Rs 81; Q: Rs 36; Shp: Rs 38; Tri: Rs 50430 and Rs 332; Exp: Rs 3397 and Rs 1294.

3. Mysore Race Club Trophy 1400M: Common Wealth (Iri Racing & Livestock Ltd) S John, 1; Fabulous Touch (A Sandesh) 2; Ghoonj (Imran Khan) 3; Serena Nijinsky (Arshad Alam) 4; WB: 1, 1, 2L: T: 1:27.37; Tote: Rs 49w, Rs 17, Rs 14, Rs 25p; TB: Arjun Mangalorkar; Fav: Fabulous Touch; Fc: Rs 103; Q: Rs 45; Shp: Rs 42; Tri: Rs 395 and Rs 231; Exp: Rs 2259 and Rs 1097.

4. Bangalore Race Course 153rd Year Commemoration Trophy 1600M: Ace Bucephalus (Sunil Vasant) PS Chouhan, 1; Arrogant Approach (D Allan) 2; Alexandra Mills (S John) 3; Renee (P Trevor) 4; WB: 3/4, Shd, 2L: T: 1:39.76; Tote: Rs 97w Rs 30, Rs 21p; TB: Irfan Ghatala; Fav: Alexandra Mills; Fc: Rs 375; Q: Rs 204; Shp: Rs 35; Tri: Rs 462 and Rs 137; Exp: Rs 1127 and Rs 829.

5. Vidhana Soudha Cup (Div-I) 1400M: Prize Finder (Lakshman Gowda) P Trevor, 1; Summer Dawn (A Ramu) 2; Artorius (D Allan) 3; Be Inspired (Suraj Narredu) 4; WB: Hd, 4-3/4, Nk; T: 1:26.39; Tote: Rs 31w, Rs 14, Rs 18, Rs 29p; TB: Lokanath; Fav: Prize Finder; Fc: Rs 119; Q: Rs 94; Shp: Rs 53; Tri: Rs 1019 and Rs 633; Exp: Rs 1723 and Rs 457.

6. Indian Republic Trophy 1800M: Native Force (MAM Ramaswamy Chettiar Charitable Trust) Sandesh, 1; What A Wonder (Sai Vamshi) 2: Festive Cheer (Suraj Narredu) 3; She’s Stunning (P Trevor) 4; WB: 1, Shd, 1/2L; T: 1:53.61; Tote: Rs 55w, Rs 20, Rs 22, 16p; TB: Aravind G; Fav: She’s Stunning; Fc: Rs 518; Q: Rs 429; Shp: Rs 71; Tri: Rs 890 and Rs 216; Exp: Rs 2837 and Rs 1188.

7. Garuda Bangalore Derby 2400M: Angel Dust (Dr and Mrs Vijay Mallya) P Trevor, 1; Brilliant Cut (PS Chouhan) 2; Mogadishu (Suraj Narredu) 3; New Alliance (Imran Chisty) 4; WB: Lnk, 1-1/2, 3; T: 2:33.49; Tote: Rs 63w, Rs 20, Rs 15, Rs 28p; TB: S Attaollahi; Fav: Brilliant Cut; Fc: Rs 185; Q: Rs 86; Shp: Rs 44; Tri: Rs 848 and Rs 447; Exp: Rs 1152 and Rs 414.

8. Asian Racing Cup (Div-I) 1200M: Downton Abbey (Dashmesh & Hargobind Racing Pvt Ltd)  S John, 1; Wise Guy (Vivek) 2; Aspasia (Chetan Kalay) 3; Honour (PS Chouhan) 4; WB: 3-1/2, 1, 1L: T: 1:14.26: Tote: Rs 25w, Rs 13, Rs 46, Rs 26p; TB: Arjun Mangalorkar; Fav: Downton Abbey; Fc: Rs 491; Q: Rs 273; Shp: Rs 155; Tri: Rs 2508 and Rs 537; Exp: Rs 9815 and Rs 3559.

9. Vidhana Soudha Cup (Div-II) 1400M: James Bond (Ravindra Kumar Jain) Imran Khan, 1; Charming Grey (PS Chouhan) 2; Soviet Union (Chetan Kalay) 3; Arziki (P Trevor) 4; Not Run: Yellowzone; WB: Lnk, 4-3/4, Shd; T: 1:27.29; Tote: Rs 61w, Rs 20, Rs 14, Rs 39p; TB: Inayathulla; Fav: Charming Grey; Fc : Rs 94; Q: Rs 48; Shp: Rs 44; Tri: Rs 839 and Rs 635; Exp: Rs 4095 and Rs 1074.

Jackpot: Rs 14529 (182)            
Runner-up: Rs 963 (1177)
I Treble: Rs 666 (28)
II Treble: Rs 1720 (14)
III Treble: Rs 617 (81).