'Healthcare, a major focus in all countries'

'Healthcare, a major focus in all countries'

Oleg Mdevedev from Bauman Moscow Technical University, Russia, said, “The GDP in healthcare of European countries has been increasing over the years. It was three per cent in 1980 and has increased to 12 per cent in 2015.”

Addressing a national seminar, organised by JSS Research Foundation at JSS Technical Institutions Campus here, he said, “Healthcare is becoming one of the major focused areas in all the countries. Consequently, major investments are resulting in cost-effective products and solution for management of health.”

Mdevedev presented the latest technical breakthrough that led to the development of miniature devices, utilising smart sensors in countries like Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.

“Mobile devices will be serving as healthcare units in future, where personalised healthcare management is integrated. Major research in the areas of non-invasive products that accurately estimate parameters like blood glucose are needed for continuous monitoring,” he said.

The seminar was attended by faculties and students from different institutes. It was organised as a part of birth centenary celebration of the late Suttur seer Shivaratri Rajendra Swami.

Earlier, C Ranganathaiah, Director (Academic and Administration), JSSMVP, JSSTIC, SJCE, stated in his presidential remarks that retinal imaging can help identify systemic diseases and use of thermal sensors for imaging is a major area of focus.

S S Rehman, principal of SJCE and T N Nagabhushan, Chief Executive Officer of JSS Research Foundation, were present.