IISc scientists work on tool for 3D sketching

IISc scientists work on tool for 3D sketching

Can dramatically reduce product development time

IISc scientists work on tool for 3D sketching

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) are working on a high-tech 3D sketching tool that will allow designers to sketch on a 3D canvas with better precision and control.

This, scientists say, will not only eliminate the need to convert 2D sketches into 3D format but also help save time while providing designers creative freedom. Dibaker Sen, Associate Professor, Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, IISc, who is also one of the authors of the study, told Deccan Herald that this tool can dramatically reduce the product development time while eliminating many concept level mistakes right in the beginning.

The tool will also be equipped with stereoscopic vision to control the inability to touch and feel a 3D sketch and haptic feedback, a technology used in touch screens of smart phones.

Although such technologies already exist, they are do not provide users precision and control while creating strokes in 3D and lack a certain ‘feel of control’ during the sketching process, say scientists. IISc scientists are now working on an interactive 3D sketching tool that could provide visual feedback, a feel of the object while sketching and enhance a designers abilities to make efficient product sketches while designing a new product. The tool could also provide the designer the creative freedom to explore the new design.

Researchers have also used algorithms such as curve fitting, where the jagged freehand sketches could be made into smooth and orderly curves.

These algorithms provide a platform which leverages the advantages of both sketch and computer aided design, thus allowing for clear images while maintaining the creative freedom of sketching.

Prasad S Onkar from Department of Design at IIT, Hyderabad is also working in collaboration to create this tool.