Traffic management centres keep BMTC cash box jingling

Traffic management centres keep BMTC cash box jingling

Transport corporation earning Rs 54 crore a year by way of rent

Traffic management centres keep BMTC cash box jingling

The Traffic and Transit Management Centres (TTMCs) of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation are running full in terms of occupation of space and are generating a revenue of Rs 54 crore annually.

Initially, when the TTMCs were being built, there was some concern over whether the space created would be fully occupied and whether it could generate reasonable rent. All the TTMCs have been occupied by both private and government offices, besides various other commercial ventures.

BMTC Chief Traffic Manager (TTMCs) C D Prasad says the TTMCs are generating Rs 54 crore per year as rent. “We have 10 TTMCs and almost all space has been occupied. There is only one portion left at Yeshwantpur which we are ready to hand over to those interested. There is no space available in the rest of the TTMCs. We were initially wondering whether space would be rented out, but the response has been good. It’s a good sign and we are happy that what we created over the last seven to eight years is bearing fruit.” 

Of the 10 TTMCs in Jayanagar, Kengeri, Bannerghatta Road, Shanthinagar, Whitefield, Koramangala, Domlur, Yeshwantpur, Banashankari, Vijayanagar, the maximum rent comes from the Shanthinagar TTMC. 

“The number of government offices occupying space in Shanthinagar TTMC is high.

 We have more than 10 offices at present. Despite being government offices, they too have to pay us rent. The difference between government and private rent-givers is that the government offices need to take permission from their respective finance departments to make the payment. Though the payment is a bit late, it is regular and we don’t have to worry whether the rent is coming or not. We don’t have any problem with private agencies and offices as they make their payment regulary. Overall, it can be said that the TTMCs are generating consistent rent for the BMTC,” Prasad said.

“The space has been rented out to restaurants and eateries, commercial offices, RTO offices, transport department, sub-registrar offices, ITDC, BMRCL, Excise and Customs, parking facilities, retail outlets such as Big Bazaar and Reliance One, and scores of private companies, including media outlets. Electricity and water bill payments can also be made here,” a BMTC official said.