Kunigal stud farm gallops to number one spot

Kunigal stud farm gallops to number one spot

Kunigal stud farm gallops to number one spot

The oldest and perhaps the biggest stud farm in India, Kunigal stud farm, has been adjudged the best stud farm in India by the Turf Authorities of India (TAI).

In its quarterly report (Nov 1 2015 to Jan 31 2016), the TAI has accorded 229 points to Kunigal stud farm based on the performances of thoroughbred stallions and foals in various races across India.

The Kunigal stud farm has pipped Usha/Meher stud farm for the numero uno spot by 14 ranking points. Chettinad/Sholavaram farm bagged third place in TAI rankings with 204 points.

As many as 69 thoroughbred stallions and foals from Kunigal stud farm were placed first or second in various races. The progeny of Burden of Proof stallion have won many races in the country.

The farm, which is believed to have been set up by Tipu Sultan to breed horses for his cavalry, is perhaps the oldest known stud farms in the world.

Also, Kunigal stud farm, spread over sprawling 500 acres with 25 paddocks, is probably the only farm in the world being owned by the State. The 250-year-old farm is being operated by liquor baron Vijay Mallya-owned United Racing and Bloodstock Breeders (URBB), a subsidiary of the UB Group.

Currently, 200 horses of various breeds are housed in the farm. N M Dinesh, manager of Kunigal stud farm, told Deccan Herald, “In 1992, the State government leased out the stud farm to URRB. We will continue the good work and try and retain the top ranking.”