An intimate space

An intimate space

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The size of gatherings is shrinking. Not for every occasion people want to occupy large banquet houses and have elaborate celebrations. They are looking for intimate spaces. While the privileged ones opt for clubs, others look for restaurants to book tables. There was a wide chasm in between and Hyatt Regency group in the city felt this was a great market to capitalise on. Hence came the concept of ‘The Living Rooms at the Mansion’, a 32,000 sq ft area that has a series of multifunctional spaces.

There are nine rooms and one kitchen in this space that gives the feeling of a residence. Usually, event halls or meeting places are devoid of accessories like bookshelves or shelves, but these rooms resemble houses, with furniture like a round table and sofas placed on carpeted floors. 

“This space is a departure from regular spaces. It is an event space and not a banquet hall. We have conceptualised it as something that will make you feel relaxed in residential atmosphere,” says Aseem Kapoor, general manager, area vice president – North West India, Hyatt Regency.

“One of the rooms can be treated as a dining room or as a board room, as per your requirement. So, we give you space for intimate gatherings,” he says.

According to Somnath Dey the concept of this space stems from recreating experience of somebody’s house. “After witnessing the trend that the strength of guests is shrinking and demand for spaces that can accommodate between 10 to 150 people is increasing, we thought of coming up with a space like this. But the next task was to think what could be additional elements we can have in the space,” Dey, executive assistant manager, food and beverage, Hyatt Regency, tells Metrolife.

“So we thought of creating a space that will not only have rooms for different requirements but also have a wine cellar. A place where people can go directly in the kitchen and order, something banquet spaces don’t offer. Also, in most of the meeting places there is no room for natural light coming in. We ensured that the atmosphere looks lively throughout the day and hence the glass windows,” he adds.

The huge space is a welcoming change for those looking for cosy and relaxed settings.

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