'I want to be known as a good performer'

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Last Updated 28 February 2016, 18:40 IST

Actor Hariprriya makes no bones about being choosy when it comes to signing new projects. She has no dates to spare this year, reflecting the wave of success that she is riding on.

Besides a slew of Kannada projects, Hariprriya has been shuttling between Telugu and Tamil films as well. “I want to be known as a good performer and not as someone who has a long list of films to her credit but has nothing to be proud of,” says Hariprriya, who was appreciated for her performance as the role of a naxalite, in her latest release ‘Ricky’.

Hariprriya says more than playing predictable roles, she prefers to sign projects that are performance-oriented. She makes it clear that she is in no hurry to sign one project after another but prefers taking her time to do meaningful work rather than work on a lot of projects and get noticed for none.

She is currently completing the shooting for ‘Ranathantra’ opposite Vijay Raghavendra and ‘Neer Dosa’ and ‘Bharjari’ with Dhruva Sarja. While ‘Ranathantra’ is a suspense-thriller, she essays the role of a call girl in ‘Neera Dosa’.

Talking about some of her projects in detail, Hariprriya, says, “There are four prominent characters in ‘Neer Dosa’ and I essay the role of a ‘call girl’. My role is subtle and comes with a lot of respect. My character stands out only when the other three characters come together,” she says. She feels ‘Neer Dosa’ has given her a chance to do a different kind of role. Not ready to disclose the role in ‘Bharjari’, Hariprriya, she says her character and entry into the scene is what takes the film forward.

She feels that all these projects have given her the opportunity to showcase different aspects of the actor in her. Looking back at her career, Hariprriya, who began acting at the age of 17, feels she has come a long way.

    “I came into the film industry with no godfather to lead me. It’s been a struggle throughout but I am glad that I had nobody to guide me because I learnt some valuable lessons along the way,” she adds.

     She points out that the path upwards was never free of hurdles but that it has made her a stronger individual.

     Hariprriya has been listening to a couple of scripts but hasn’t signed any so far.

(Published 28 February 2016, 14:52 IST)

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