The four types of humans

The four types of humans

In everyday life, we keep meeting umpteen kinds of human folks, each different in terms of nature, attitude, temperament, etc. However, humans we keep interacting with can be pigeonholed in four categories, and each category could be expounded with an explicit analogy.

The first type are divine-natured humans, whose life is simply dedicated to others. A classic case is that of several parents who save every single penny just to see their children’s life is sated by surplus comforts. Of course, there are also other super altruistic humans, who sincerely slog towards the success of, say, a company or some organisation, and the fruit of their struggle and ‘sacrifice of sorts’ is sadly enjoyed by someone else. It’s exactly like an army of ants, toiling to build amazing anthills, which apparently turn into the abode of serpents.

The second type are those believing in quid pro quo business transaction. They help others only when they are stark sure they too would be helped sometime. They like fostering a kind of symbiotic relationship with others, wherein both sides enjoy equal mileage. Typically a case of a honeybee which sucks the flower nectar for its own personal pleasure but in the process helps the flower, too, in its pollination.

The third kind of people are self-centred, spiteful and wily folks who can easily sully anyone’s social image even if it happens to be of those incredibly good to them.

Apparently, words like ‘gratitude’ are never in their lexicon. Since they are always swamped by severe jealous pangs, they keep setting off on smear campaigns against successful people, so as to pull them down. No wonder, these folks seldom are happy, nor would they try supplying happiness around. They are like deadly restless monkeys on verdant trees, desperately going on rampages, destroying the same tree providing them the dwelling.

Finally, the fourth category are downright frosty, clinical, detached folks for whom human relations bear no relevance. So, it’s “don’t give, don’t take anything” deal with them. Just like tiny droplets on the large lotus leaf. Neither they are beneficial to others nor would they expect any benefit. They are kind of inexorably imprisoned in their own small worlds.
Now, which category do you figure in ?

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