Caught in the web

Caught in the web

Quiz 'n' tell

Caught in the web

If you’ve been active on social media, it’s quite likely that have come across various personality tests and quirky quizzes. For instance, you have  ‘which celebrity do you look like?’, ‘what status update will you post in 10 years time?’, ‘what drink are you?’ and so on. With the trend going viral, it seems as though the trick to creating these addictive quizzes is similar to the art of writing a good horoscope.

Knowingly or unknowingly it applies to them personally. And by knowing that there is very little substance to these answers, many continue to take them.

Alisha Thomas, a CES consultant, loves answering these quizzes at least 4 to 5 times a week. She says, “It’s the curiosity to know the result that makes me answer these questions. I remember taking a quiz recently on what the first letter of my lover is. I randomly thought of the letter ‘R’, but the answer turned out to be ‘S’. Though I know that the answers aren’t always right, it riddles my mind. While 90% of the results that I get are disappointing, I still continue taking these quizzes.”

It’s also seen that there’s a need to boost one’s ego through these results. While personality quizzes aren’t a new phenomenon, the world of social media has made it much easier to share the results. Archana, a Psychology lecturer, says that it’s not surprising that the fascination for finding out ‘who am I’ is a huge phenomenon. With social media’s obsessive nature,  those who are into it, say that it’s natural for one to compare themselves with their peers. After all with the click of the ‘share’ button, hundreds of friends on the platform can see this.

She says, “One of the reasons people do this is to seek attention. As many of our lives are hollow, the results one gets bring out a temporary stimulation and share it on their timeline.”
Suchita Mohan, a homemaker, is also someone who loves spending time on Facebook answering these questionnaires.

“I enjoy taking these personality quizzes because the answers are always different each time you take them. Most of the ones I take are friends-oriented and when I share them on my timeline, I either get a response of happiness or my friends fighting over each other. However, my  motivation to take these is boredom,” she says.

And for those who prefer to take the knowledge tests, there are plenty of those too! Pavithra Prasad, a content writer, is one of them. She says, “While I am someone who engages in these quiz  sessions every other day, I prefer taking ones that help bring out something positive in me. IQ related, name and colour tests are some of my favourites. They help me use my knowledge to the best and give me a positive feedback on my life. I make sure I ‘share’ all my results as well.”

Writer Neha Baid also likes answering intelligent quizzes. She says, “I’ve seen people answer anything that shows up on their newsfeed and I know that keeps them entertained. But I’d rather take a grammar test or career test than the silly ones. I also make sure they are from a reliable source. However, to pass the time, I also take quizzes on Buzzfeed like ‘How well do you know the F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters’.

Whether it is to build traffic on the online websites or to boost one’s ego, these personality-based and knowledge-based questions are also a way for one to stay connected. As Alisha says, “Ever since social media has taken over our lives, we’ve stopped physically talking to people. At least by sharing the quiz results, we find a superficial way to connect with distant friends without having to compromise our privacy.”

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