Leave all your worries to Him

Leave all your worries to Him

A vast population in the world today is facing a common problem – How to avoid negative or waste thoughts in the present scenario when several things are happening against one’s wish? It’s a known fact that there are so many negative vibrations in the air. Hence it may be virtually difficult for a commoner to not get angry, worried or reactive in day-today situations. So, how does one survive under such a situation?

Most of us have a tendency to avoid a situation instead of facing it. In other words, we all try to run away from it, as a result of which pain constantly chases us and to get over it, we end up getting addicted to drugs, alcohol, watching movies, TV or get into new relationships and eventually get exhausted with no productive results. Sounds silly! But it’s a fact that we all do it because we are afraid of our inner voice that keeps prompting us to move into the right direction.

To cure oneself from this modern day disease of ‘Escapism’, one needs to just learn the art of acceptance. Yes! The real cure begins when we accept the reality first and then move on to tackle the problem. We should learn to forgive and forget and let go of the past and all that is negative around us.

Studies reveal that people, who pay attention towards spiritual and social health, have a stronger immune system and, therefore, they are less prone to mental disorders.
Thoughts such as, ‘I’m a peaceful, loving and happy soul; I’m the child of the Supreme; I’ve a special role to play in this Eternal World Drama which cannot be played in a better manner by someone else’, help us to manage our thoughts focus on the self and one’s unique potential.

Regular practice of meditation helps to develop peace of mind, self-respect and happiness, thereby making mind  clearer and focused. In meditation, the soul experiences its original virtues and powers like peace, bliss, power to judge, to adjust, etc, directly from the ocean of these virtues and powers – the Almighty Supreme. As a result, one can pick up only goodness and nothing else. So, let’s be neutral and play our part in the best possible manner and leave the rest to Him.

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