For the love of vintage...

For the love of vintage...

For the love of vintage...

With its effervescent charm and ability to blend in different styles, vintage decor is for those seeking a new look for their abode, suggests Anuradha Agarwal

The word ‘vintage’ will have people reminiscing about 1940s, which was filled with glamour and had homes with gorgeous, swanky decor and ageless furniture. Most of us believe that vintage is only related to all things old. Needless to say, that is not the case. In fact, there is no era that is more beautiful to recreate in your home.

Timeless appeal

Vintage decor is all about bringing back the timeless appeal of the long-lost era in bits and pieces today. It reminds us of the sentiments attached to each and every article belonging to that era. Using old home decor items is perfect, especially if you are working on a limited budget.

Interior designers have been able to incorporate vintage design into homes that still sport a modern look.

Instead of going for a perfect, ‘finished’ style, vintage home decor lets you mix and match looks, styles and pieces (from hand-me-downs to contemporary pieces). In beautiful vintage interiors, you can see old-world decor elements mixed up with modern gadgets like a computer, modern-style furniture in transparent moulded plastic and modern lighting; the vintage tables, armchairs, and cabinets add an incredible charm to the interiors. Also, there is a lot going on in the furniture, accessories and decor segments.

While vintage home decor revolves around rick, luscious elements, layering and surprising combinations can add another dimension to the overall appeal. And it’s up to you to take up such elements and use them to add some charm to your home.

Another misconception about vintage decor is that it is expensive. Yes, some
elements may not fall well within your budget, but you might just want to give them a try. There are innumerable elements that are economical and aesthetically pleasing too. Vintage decor has the capacity to retain your home’s real character.

In fact, a concoction of modern-day gadgets with vintage background is trending right now. A beautiful coming together may mean carved cabinets, armchairs with distress finish along with modern style lighting and gadgets like computers and LEDs etc. So, don’t believe if someone tells you that vintage decor is all about old things. If you properly blend them with modern decor ideas, you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Worth a try

To help you get started, here are some suggestions:

* If you have chosen a contemporary sofa, you can opt for vintage accessories like candle stands, chandeliers or lanterns accordingly. These vintage artefacts act as key accents.

* If you use a statement lamp with beautifully carved mirrors, a vintage console along with modern amenities could certainly become an appealing ‘go-to’ place at home.

* Vintage paintings, antique shelves and cabinets are great pieces for hallways and entrances.

* A statement lamp, an antique glass-front cabinet, an absolutely stunning mirror or a vintage-style coffee table are enough to turn a dull living room into an inviting place.

* Elements such as log holders and fireside sets can become part of the ensemble at home. Don’t be afraid to incorporate other vintage and antique decor elements, such as mirrors and side tables.

* A wall can speak a thousand words when it holds a collage of small vintage paintings, which narrate a story of their own.

* When used in moderation, gold-painted vintage decor elements can be  classy and elegant. Ideally, these elements should be the statement pieces of the room, so downplay the rest of the furniture and fabrics.

* Two wooden cabinets and a small coffee table can complete the colour scheme of the room, while the artwork on the walls can be modest enough to allow for a golden-framed centrepiece to stand out.

* In a smaller room, choose a radial wall mirror with golden accents to give the illusion of more space.

* Incorporating vintage elements in your bedroom decor is a great idea. For one, the room will look completely different from the rest of the house. You can go over the top with luxurious fabrics or keep the decorations low-key and opt for vintage bedside tables and a pair of elegant table lamps.

* For a living room with a white colour scheme, you can bring in an elegant chandelier and armchairs that perfectly complement the rest of the decor.

In other words, a room or home doesn’t have to incorporate only vintage decor elements. There are certain colour palettes associated with vintage influences, which you can opt for. Maybe, you can even stray away from them and go in for lighter hues, such as turquoise, pink and peach.

The idea is to have the perfect mix of modern furniture and rejuvenated antique furniture. A successful blend of vintage and modern decor requires a careful balance of these two styles. In most Indian homes, it would be more advantageous to furnish the space with modern and contemporary furniture and accent with vintage decor.

With unity and balance, the transitio-nal scheme of vintage and modern decor at your home can create quite an amazing space. A happy marriage of the old and the new!

(The author is creative director, Olives Cre)

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