Behind the lens.

Behind the lens.

Picture postcards

Behind the lens.

If one looks through Sumit Bose’s portfolio, they can’t distinguish between pohotographs and postcards. A former statistics major and current IT professional, he started experimenting with the camera only in 2012; when he went on a trip to Hampi.

Once he came back home with a bagful of memories and striking images, he couldn’t put his camera down. A wayfarer at best, Sumit loves to tread off-beat paths, meet motley people and spend time with them. As he gets ready for his next trip to document Kalaburagi, he shares his story behind the lens with Anushka Sivakumar.  

How did travel photography start?
I never really knew I was into travel photography until I started travelling. It never started in any sense. I took roads less travelled and realised the possibility of how much I could document. I wanted to document stories on the road as I felt that those that are not written down or captured on the lens tend to get lost. My images were appreciated and I developed a passion for travel photography. I love to capture something as it happens. Photography helps me do just that! So far, it has been an amazing experience to photograph and document various cultures. It’s also a great privilege that I am able to share this beauty and diversity with others. The images taken by photographers have inspired me throughout my adventures so I hope that my contributions will inspire others to go out and see the world for themselves.

What is the most important aspect of photography?
Emotional connect. A photograph becomes an experience only when we capture the emotion attached to the subject. Otherwise, it’s just a picture. You have to see why you connect to that spot, realise the unique factor of that spot and then click.

How do you strive to work when there is a lot of competition?
It is only me and my work so there is no competition. I am my own competition. I just strive to be better than I am yesterday

What are some of the best places that you have documented so far?
Every place comes with intriguing stories. Being a travel enthusiast, I love every place that I visit but to be specific, North Karnataka has fascinated me the most. We often go out looking for places when we have the best at home. Hampi, Badami and Aihole are some of my favourite places to visit. The best part about staying in Bengaluru is that we have a wealth of places at our fingertips to explore.

How do you source the places for your travel?
Internet and friends. Once I decide where I am going, I buy books to know and understand the place better.

Most of your photographs are around heritage and architecture. Is there a specific connect you share with such themes?
Yes, I like visiting heritage sites. I’ve grown up listening to stories around architecture and mythology from my mother and grandmother so I feel I can relate to the heritage sites. This is another reason why I like going to North Karnataka; especially places like Bidar, Vijayapura and Kalaburagi are rich in architecture.

Would like to take pictures for a living?
No. I don’t want to justify my passion with money.