Raghav Juyal wants to choreograph Sunny Deol

Raghav Juyal wants to choreograph Sunny Deol

Dancing star

Popularly known by his stage name Crockroaxz, Raghav Juyal says he is a born dancer and never had to take any formal training. “Dance has been in me since birth, so I did not have to do much to become a dancer. I just had to practice it. Dance has always has been a part of my life, so I feel glad to be associated with it,” he says.

Juyal, who recently participated in the seventh season of the reality show Khatron ke Khiladi, had entered the television industry as a participant in dance show Chak Dhoom Dhoom along with his crew D-maniax. From then on, the Dehradun-born choreographer went on to participate in dance reality show Dance India Dance (DID) season 3, and also made his Bollywood debut with Sonali Cable.

“I started as a dancer in DID, choreographed in Lil Masters, and acted in ABCD 2 and Sonali Cable. Initially there was a lot of struggle; in fact I had to leave DID, but then I got back on the show on public demand. Things were smooth after that. I want to try everything in my creative zone, be it painting, acting, hosting,” he says.

He adds that since he has more opportunities to showcase his art now, he is trying out new things. “I have not stopped after participating in these shows. If you are talented and hardworking, you get lots of opportunities to prove your talent,” he says.

The choreographer, who says that a good dancer is one who is always happy and self-satisfied while dancing, tells Metrolife that his style of dance, referred to as ‘crock-style’, is inspired by nature and people around him.

“For example, if a leaf falls, I make it into a step or when a drop of water falls, I make it into a step. Even when it comes to acting, I travel a lot and learn from people and consider everyone as my teacher. So my dance style is basically an amalgamation of all things happening around me,” he elaborates.

Talking about his wish list, Juyal says if given an opportunity, he would like to choreograph Sunny Deol, and work with choreographer-actor Ganesh Acharya. “I want Ganesh sir to teach me dance, I love his style”.

However, on being asked what he would have been if not a dancer, the artiste says, “I would have been a painter or an actor — something related to the field of arts.
Otherwise I would have been in the army, serving the nation.”