Renewing old ties

Renewing old ties

Off the pitch

Renewing old ties

New Zealand cricketer Trent Boult has come a long way from being a key performer as a teenager. He is now a crucial player for the New Zealand national team as well as the Sunrisers Hyderabad this season of the IPL.

The excitement is palpable in his voice when he gets talking about cricket. “The gameplan for every match changes and it is the impromptu changes that make every game one of a kind. It is not only challenging but you also learn something new at the end of every match,” feels Trent.

The young cricketer is basking in all the glory his performances have been earning him in the IPL since the last season. “The idea is to go out there with a cool head and give every game my best shot. The game of cricket teaches you to be calm,” he adds.

Off the field, Trent says he has been having a wonderful time with his teammates, Shikhar Dhawan being his closest buddy. “We spend so much time together that we know each other really well. The IPL brings players from across the world together on a common fore. We may be competing on the field but off it, we are all ordinary people who lead our own lives,” he adds.

He also feels the IPL gives cricketers a chance to bond with each other. “The IPL gives players a chance to spend time with each other and this leaves so many
memories. By the end of the tournament, we have so many happy moments to take back home. Our ties are renewed again the next season. Some of us stay in touch even after the IPL,” adds Trent.  

Music and golf are as much a part of Trent’s life as cricket is. He says, “When I am not playing cricket,  I am busy with golf. Both games require an immense amount of skill and concentration. One has to be able to blend both technique and intelligence in a creative way,” explains Trent.

The young man learnt to play the guitar when he was very young. But he doesn’t find too much time to spend with the instrument; however, he makes time to play and perform when he is around his close friends and family.  Does he miss his family during the IPL tour? “I miss home but I communicate through Skype with my parents almost every other day, so it’s not all that bad,” he says.

His travel and stay in different corners of the country have been eventful, says Trent. He feels Indians are warm people and admires the close bond that Indian families share with each other, especially parents and children. He also loves Indian food and the way it is made and served.