Govt to celebrate 'success' of Bhagya schemes tomorrow

Govt to celebrate 'success' of Bhagya schemes tomorrow

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah might have dropped the plan to celebrate the completion of the three years of his government in view of severe drought in the state.But he has decided to make use of the occasion to highlight the 'success' of various Bhagya schemes.

The government has chalked out a programme called ‘Janamana’ to be organised at Dr Babu Rajendra Prasad International Convention Centre located on GKVK campus in Bengaluru on May 13, the day the Chief Minister completes three years in office.

About 2,000 people are expected to take part in the event, official sources in the Chief Minister's office said.

The government has decided to highlight 15 various subsidy schemes, mainly the ‘Bhagya’ schemes.

The Department of Information and Public Relations has, in association with various other departments, shortlisted altogether 450 beneficiaries of these schemes from across the State – 15 beneficiaries from each district – to attend the event.

The beneficiaries are scheduled to interact with the chief minister at the event, share their views and thank him for implementing the schemes. Anna Bhagya (free rice to BPL families), Ksheera Bhagya (free milk supply to school children), Krishi Bhagya (construction of small ponds) are among the 15 schemes that will be highlighted at the event.

Besides, the chief minister is scheduled to release a booklet, listing out the achievements of his government in the last three years, the sources said.

The sources said none of the Congress leaders is likely to take part in the event. The government is planning to invite only five ministers representing Bengaluru to the event.

The government does not want to project the event as a celebration by inviting all the ministers. Instead, the ministers will be directed to organise the event at the district level on May 14, they added. The government had earlier planned a mega programme event to celebrate the occasion in a big way.

The event was planned to be organised at Palace Grounds in Bengaluru by getting two lakh people to witness it. Some key departments were even directed to organise a separate exhibition to showcase their achievements. But the plan was dropped due to severe drought in the State, the sources said.

No interview of CM
The chief minister, the sources said, has decided not to give interview to the media on the occasion of him completing three years in office.

His office had lined up some interviews with the chief minister following requests from certain media organisations. But they were all cancelled citing severe drought.