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Last Updated 17 May 2016, 18:40 IST

With a plethora of books, movies and organisations devoted to dogs, one can easily say that they are one of the most lovable animals. Their unconditional affection and loyalty are enough to cheer one up when they’re blue! A few dog lovers in the city talk about why they feel so close to their furry friends.

Dogs make far better friends than any human being and this is because of their willingness to provide companionship down to their very last breath. “I cannot refer to my dogs as pets even in a conversation. My 8 dogs are my best friends. They listen to all my secrets and are always there by my side. It is because of them that I am an emotionally stronger person today,” says Ashwini Pailoor, a student of Mount Carmel College.

Dogs make for great buddies because of their understanding and empathy. According to Carina Hayes, a healthcare student, “They are always looking out to protect us and make us happy. Dogs draw away every ounce of negativity and surround us with love and warmth.”

It is said that no amount of time is enough to heal or erase the memory of a great dog. It is hard to describe how humans get emotionally attached to dogs within no time. “Even though I’ve had my dog for only a short period of time now, I do not know what I would do without her as I love her so much,” says Lumina Fernandes. She also says that dogs have a ‘never give up’ attitude, which makes them so lovable. “No matter how much I shout at my dog and correct her, she never fails to forgive me,” she adds.

Owing to the immense loyalty and devotion that dogs have towards humans, the bonds they form with their owners are very strong. Dogs can rarely bare the anxiety of separation. “My friend found a dog left on the streets and adopted it. It was so mentally disturbed after being abandoned by its owner that it remained depressed for months and refused to eat,” says Carolene Sancia, a student of St Josephs College.

 And as contradictory as it may seem, dogs have the ability to express things through their silence. Nigel John, an HR professional, says that a pet is a perfect example of the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’. “My dog Maximus is my alarm clock. He wakes me up every morning at 8.30 am sharp. He is also a great exercise partner!” he exclaims.

Some also feel that there are so many things that human beings can learn from dogs. The doling out of endless love and affection is something humans should learn to emulate. “My dogs make me feel so wanted and loved and miss me even if I’m gone for an hour,” says Ashwini. She also adds that they have taught her to be committed to the ones she loves. “I am humbled by their innocence and unwavering love which is given freely and abundantly. They trust us so much to take care of them which has made me more responsible,” says Persis Michael, an English teacher.
Seems like there is much to imbibe from these adorable companions!

(Published 17 May 2016, 16:34 IST)

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