Why celebrate during agrarian crisis: Sibal

Why celebrate during agrarian crisis: Sibal

Why celebrate during agrarian crisis: Sibal

Congress leader Kapil Sibal today questioned the propriety of BJP celebrating two years of Narendra Modi government, saying such celebrations were out of place at a time when there was "agrarian crisis" in the country.

"I don't understand what the celebrations are for when the entire country is going through an agrarian crisis," Sibal told reporters here.

"There's no reason for this government to celebrate," the former Union minister said, adding they (Modi government) have not done anything for farmers.

Modi has not kept promises given to farmers during the 2014 Lok Sabha poll campaign, he said. "During 2015, altogether 3,228 farmers in Maharashtra ended their lives due to agrarian crisis and the BJP-led government has ignored plight of farmers", he alleged.
In health sector also, there has been no growth, Sibal said.

"They are giving what we (the UPA government) were giving in health sector", he claimed. "Chicken is cheaper than dal now. Is this what the Modi government is celebrating?" Sibal asked.

Claiming that inflation had increased under the Modi government, Sibal, who has been nominated by the party for the Rajya Sabha, said, "Prices are increasing all over. There is no employment for youth. Is this what they are celebrating".

"While in opposition, BJP opposed GST and Modi the then Gujarat CM was at the forefront in opposing GST. Now the same Modi wants it (GST)", he said.

Sibal also claimed BJP opposed the Aadhaar card scheme while in opposition but now the Modi government schemes are based on that.

Replying to a query on "surgery" advised by senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh after the Congress' dismal performance in the recent Assembly elections, Sibal said, "Yes, there must be surgery, but in national politics."

"We have done enough introspection, shouldn't we go for a major surgery?" Singh had tweeted after the poll results.