Critics of Yoga Day will face side-effects: Organizer

Critics of Yoga Day will face side-effects: Organizer

Critics of Yoga Day will face side-effects: Organizer

Taking a dig at 'seculars' opposing Yoga day and its promotion, a pro-RSS journal today said those protesting with "coloured and tainted glasses" will face "side-effects" including their political uprooting.

"Unfortunately, the people who are politically standing on their heads do not understand that Shirshasana is an unnatural method of combating an unnatural lifestyle, doing that beyond a certain time that also in an unscientific way can lead to many side effects.

"The 'secular-Communist' practitioners of Hatha Yoga are not ready to understand that it is neither about BJP nor about Modi, it is purely about Bharat, the cultural tradition of which is inherently Hindu.

"If they try to uproot that by performing wrong asanas, the only response they will get is their political uprooting. The earlier they understand this, the better it is for them and for their political health and survival," the 'Organiser' said in its editorial.

The pro-RSS journal said that some people who preferred either to boycott Yoga Day or uproot it from Indian roots are performing a similar kind of "Asana" without understanding the "side effects".

The editorial "Shirshasana with political glasses on" said when the second International Day of Yoga witnessed enhanced participation by all UN member-countries, some people with 'so-called secular' and 'anti-Modi' glasses chose to "stand on their head in protest".

It said while Bihar government distanced itself from the "historic" day while raising issues from 'liquor ban' to music day celebrations, "his competitor in the race for leadership of 'secular alliance', Arvind Kejriwal used his usual asana of protest, 'challenging the Prime Minister'."

It also attacked Communists after Kerala Health Minister K K Shailaja questioned the use of chants and prayers before public Yoga performance on Yoga Day at Thiruvananthapuram.

"Again the problem is tainted glasses of Communism with headstand position compel them to see everything with divisive and upside-down mindset," it said.

The journal said the position of standing on head is certainly unnatural as it makes one see everything upside down if not done scientifically.