More than just a cafe!

More than just a cafe!

Its different

More than just a cafe!

A new age cafe in Bangalore.

The cafe culture started as a way to promote food but today there are places where you find people hanging out for reasons other than food. People in Bangalore are increasingly looking for alternative means of entertainment and the cafe owners in the City have realised that.

So don’t be surprised if you will find a sudoku or a crossword puzzle on your table-mat at a restaurant.

Or a cafe with a collection of books for people to browse through while you wait for your order. Everyone is trying to add that extra touch to make their place different and exotic.

A cafe in Indiranagar combines food with another pleasure that people, especially women, cannot resist — shopping. With a line of ethnic apparel ranging from clothes to bags to scented candles, this place also has magazines and comics. Another place in Koramangala also has a line which has become quite popular.

On Church Street you have a cafe that has dedicated an entire space to board games and also has an X-box 360 to keep the customers hooked. The key here is that you spend on the food to play the games. “It’s a nice place to hang out with friends. How many times will you a watch a movie or just eat out,” asks Aditya, an IT professional.
While some use books and games as a mere distraction for the customers and to keep them entertained while they wait for food, there are places that take it as a serious business.

The cafe dedicated to comics in Koramangala has around 1200 comics from around the globe.

It has everything from Marvel, DC series to Managa comics. You can get a few Indian ones too if you put it in the ‘wish list’ which is updated every three months.
“The owners of the cafe are Japanese. Comic culture is very huge in Japan, and the owners wanted to open one in Bangalore for a similar experience and that’s how this cafe in Koramangala came into being,” says Anand.

Renz from Christ University, who visits the cafe regularly, says, “I visit this place because it’s quiet and I can read for hours. The ambience is nice too.”