Rape victim uses donkeys to expose culprits

Rape victim uses donkeys to expose culprits

Rape victim uses donkeys to expose culprits
A rape victim in Kanpur, about 90 kilometres from here, chose a novel way to expose the culprits, who ironically were her own family members, including husband. The victim, Sapna (name changed) used donkeys for this purpose.

She held a demonstration before her husband’s shop with donkeys besides distributing pamphlets among passersby explaining them her plight.

Tied to the neck of the donkeys were pieces of paper with names of the culprits who had raped her. They included her father-in-law and the elder brother of her husband.

Sapna, who was married a year ago, charged that her husband, who ran a shop in the town, had “forced” her to “sleep” with her father-in-law and her ‘jeth’ (elder brother of the husband) a few months after the marriage.

She had lodged a complaint with the police following which the two were arrested and sent to jail. “They have recently been released on bail and are threatening me..my husband is also with them,” she charged.

Sapna said that she had apprised senior police officials about the threats but no action had been taken.

“Such people must be exposed in public....they should be punished by the law as well as boycotted by the society..only then others like him will be scared,” Sapna said. Sapna’s protest drew curious passersby, who also joined her and raised slogans. The police said they would investigate the matter and take action against the culprits.