Snuggle in style

Snuggle in style

Snuggle in style

We all look forward to the cool monsoon months after the scorching heat. Since the monsoon brings a sudden change in temperature, it’s crucial  that we are dressed properly to adjust to the cold that the rains bring.

Leaves on the ground,  sunshine and rains intermittently, windy weather, cool mornings, heads tucked in collars, hands fidgeting in pockets, sipping hot drinks— these are mandatory scenes during this weather and in most of these, we are almost always wearing sweaters or hoodies.  So, here are the six kinds of sweater styles that are trending this monsoon.
Oversized sweaters
The bigger the better . Whoever said size does not matter, clearly never wore or saw a sophisticated boho-chic oversized sweater paired skinny pants, jeans, or mini skirts.

One colour sweaters
Patterns and prints may not be so hot this monsoon, though that does not mean we can’t wear them at all. But mostly it’s the monochromatic or subtle patterns that are stealing the show.

Fuzzy sweaters
Is that a furry ball you’re wearing?  No, it’s my cosy,  fun, yet subtle fashion-forward sweater. If you’re bold enough to go ahead and try this look, it will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

Pastels or powdered sweaters
Crazy prints and funky patterns step aside; it’s time for monochromatic styles, muted colours, pastels and dainty hues to rule the roost. Whites, blues, pinks, and tons of greys are invading the streets and the shops and this is a blessing because they carry a bit more class and sophistication. Edginess and funkiness may lose their fun if carried on for too long.

Chunky sweaters
These are among the best fashion inventions ever. For freezing temperatures or for fat days. And being the ‘in’ look right now makes them perfect; not just for weekends or mountain trips, but for the daily routine too, no matter the occasion. A little half tuck gives a chic look and adds some waist definition too.

Turtleneck sweaters
A great solution to hide from the cold. From loose to skin tight, to rolled or messy turtlesnecks – they are all in and they do the trick. Also, to get that French look everyone is talking about these days, just tuck your hair in.

Yes it’s time to open your closet and unfold those sweaters which stayed there all through summer.  Fashion is all about mixing and matching the right fabrics. But always remember to personalize fashion to your comfort zone.

(Contributed by Nisha B K)