It was praises all the way...

It was praises all the way...

Theatre personality Arundhati Nag was recently honoured by her friends and well-wishers

It was praises all the way...

talented Arundhati Nag and Girish Karnad.

Since then Arundhati Nag has grown and only grown to show the indefatigable person that she is, be it on the stage, behind the stage or in front of the camera. And Arundhati Nag’s exemplary persona was there for all to see at a recent felicitation given to her by her theatre colleagues at ‘Hey Aru...Hats off.’

Aru is what friends, well-wishers and co-workers call Arundhati. “We have gathered here not to honour and praise Arundhati but to bestow some additional responsibility on her,” said actor and director C R Simha who opened the evening.

Arundhati set foot in the City in the 1970s as a Nag bahu and has since then been working toward enriching others through her passion for theatre. “‘The Ranga Shankara is not mine, it’s yours,’ she’d tell people,” reminded Simha.  

Among the audience were young people, old and the not so old. Poetry, prose and songs... the felicitation for Arundhati was marked by performances all through.

Close friends and theatre persons chose to say a few things that they admired about Arundhati. Playwright Girish Karnad said Arundhati excelled as a human being more than anything else, “She ran from pillar to post to get the Ranga Shankara going. She’s indomitable in spirit and a wonderful human being,” said Karnad.

Actor and writer Baskar Rao observed, “her love for theatre and her willingness to experiment has brought her thus far. She’s one among the few big screen actors, who still cherishes her love for theatre,” he said.

Long-time friend and theatre person Padmavathi Rao said Arundhati has gifted theatre lovers with so many memorable plays and performances. “It’s not about where you are going but what you do on the way. And Arundhati has done it all,” says Padmavathi.
Actress B Jayashree and a troupe performed a folk song as a tribute to Arundhati.