Danny Boyle asks media to leave Slumdog children alone

Danny Boyle asks media to leave Slumdog children alone


The British director believes that the constant media attention is ruining the young children's lives and has pleaded that Rubina,9 and Azhar,10 be left in peace to lead a normal life, reported Daily Telegraph online.

"The parents are good people who love their children. All the pressure and tension on the family is media-dominated and there has been a lot of miscommunication," said Boyle.

The Oscar winning director had recently visited India after learning that the two children were rendered homeless when their shanties were razed in a demolition drive in Mumbai.

Boyle had also reportedly bought homes for his two child stars during the trip.

That was the latest story in the trail of controversies surrounding Rubina and Azhar since they shot to fame with their debut film.

Rubina's father was earlier accused by a British tabloid of attempting to sell his young daughter for 200,000 pounds, and Azhar's dad was at the centre of a controversy after he was photographed slapping his son just days after the film's Oscar glory in February.

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