A rather bad resurrection

A rather bad resurrection

Mechanic: Resurrection
English (U/A) **
Cast: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones
Director: Dennis Gansel

Mechanic: Resurrection revolves around a contract killer named Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham), who has to save his lady love Gina (Jessica Alba) from being killed. She is held hostage, and Bishop will have to kill three henchmen from around the globe if he wants to save her. While the plot is sufficiently cliched, most other parts of the movie are quite forgettable, too.

The movie has many flaws, but perhaps what stands out the most is the poor characterisation. The characters lack any depth whatsoever, and it is very hard to take them seriously as people. Even the rapport between the characters is poorly written. Much of the movie centres on how the protagonists, Statham and Alba, love each other, and how they make huge sacrifices for each other. However, such scenes are less than convincing considering the fact that they do not engage in any proper conversation between when they meet and when she gets kidnapped. The next scene that they meet in is the climax. The audience is left wondering why Bishop should go through all that trouble for a girl he barely knows.

Except for the elaborate stunt sequences, the only part of the Mechanic: resurrection that stands out is Eric Schmidt’s cinematography. Although beautiful visuals do not make up for the rest of the movie, certain shots are worth watching at least once. Since the filmmakers have spent a lot of money shooting in different parts of the world, the audience has the effect of watching a pleasing picture-postcard collage.

A particularly disappointing part is the character of Tommy Lee Jones. It is sad to see the acting skills of the No Country For Old Men actor not utilised, especially since his name features prominently on the posters alongside Statham’s and Alba’s. While it might be pointless to ask for some depth of character just for Jones, it would have been better had he been given more screen time.

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