When less is more...

When less is more...

Statement pieces

When less is more...

Trends come and go, yet some of them are classics and stay in vogue forever. Selecting accessories is often a more tedious task compared to picking up an outfit and this is where statement jewellery steps in.

A set of dangling earrings or a big ring can go a long way to jazz up one’s outfit and fashionistas in the city say that this trend is here to stay.

Actors have dazzled screens with accessories and made styles popular through their films, while matching Indo-fusion styles like chunky earrings or bulky bracelets with the simplest of attires. Tina Bibeiro, a Masters student at St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science, says, “Mix and match styles always work well. While I am not into heavy jewellery sets, wearing danglers and interesting earrings helps pep up the whole look. I love teaming big silver earrings or a pair of hoops with any ensemble. This makes one look cool while also accentuating the face.” She adds that silver or metal traditional earrings work well with a Western blouse too.

For people in the glamour industry, it’s all about following trends. However, Kamal Winniee, a professional model, says that some trends work for some people and not everything suits everyone.

“With statement jewellery, one cannot go wrong. Since it’s just a piece of jewellery worn with minimal additional pieces or none at all, one can create a grand look with minimal effort. Statement jewellery works well in combinations which don’t necessarily have to match. One could wear an elaborate black beaded neckpiece with a blue coloured gown and pull it off in style,” adds Kamal.

She says that knowing which part of the body should be accentuated with which accessory is the tricky part. “If the top that someone is wearing has a heavy neckline, then wearing a big choker wouldn’t be a good idea, as it would be a lot of detailing,” she adds.

Some like wearing heavy neckpieces while others have a fetish for chunky rings and bracelets.

 Shruthi Iyengar, a young professional, says that a bracelet or a stylish ring just cannot go wrong. “I love sporting big rings as they bring the focus to the hands. If one is sporting a coloured blouse, then wearing a multi-coloured ring or metallic rings which almost cover the finger, can give a feminine and chic look,” she adds. She says that while there are many branded stores which sell statement jewellery, she loves picking it up from Commercial Street. “There’s lots of variety there and there’s something for every ensemble,” states Shruthi.

While stone and metallic items are always the top options, one can also opt for other materials and designs.

There are many who wear a cluster of bands and bangles together and stay away from other accessories. Apoorva Sharma, a fashion student from Army Institute of Fashion and Design, says that one can always opt to wear a neckband and team it with other neckpieces to make a statement.

“Chokers are in vogue now. One can wear a heavy metallic one or a basic black band with a crop top and low-waist denim with loafers. Tie a ponytail and you’re ready for a day out.” She adds that printed blouses go well with silver pieces with black accents on them.

Though mix and match is the norm now, one must decide the accessories according to the outfit. Jewellery designer Pallavi Foley says that statement jewellery continues to stay in vogue because it is a powerful trend.

“Instead of wearing a whole set with matching earrings and necklace, now the trend is about styling with a strong individualistic tone. One doesn’t want to look like a clone of another person. Highlighting one’s best features is the idea here,” she says.

Pallavi adds that when one has a good waistline, wearing a good waistchain or wearing a good neckpiece to accentuate the neckline is the way to go. “The basic guidelines are to not look decked up. When wearing a low neckline, it’s best to wear a large necklace. If one has curly hair and is doing the hair up, a dangler would be a good choice. One can experiment even with a turtleneck and wear a heavy neckpiece which will look chic,” she says.

“Also mismatching is the new thing. The rule is that there is no rule. Go colourful with the stones when wearing a black dress. One would know what looks nicer aesthetically so just go with that feeling,” adds Pallavi.

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