The story of many lives

The story of many lives

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The story of many lives

There are four prominent characters in ‘Neer Dose’ and Vijaya Prasad, who has written the story and is directing the movie, says all the characters have a definite purpose for being a part of the script. “We have inter-linked the lives of four people and a common message running through them all is that everybody wears a mask because we fear to showcase our real side. Here, all the four characters play very different roles and are proud about what they have chosen to do but none of them have the guts to really tell the society who they really are,” says Vijaya.

Prominent among the characters played in the film is that of actor Hariprriya who essays the role of a call girl. “I chose to work on this script because it gives me the freedom to explore a side of me that I didn’t know really existed. People hold preconceived notions when it comes to call girls but they don’t understand that they are just as human and have the same emotions just like anyone else. I’ve attempted to break that judgement about these women through my role,” adds Hariprriya .

 Vijaya, the director, also says that he was keen to work on this subject because he wanted to send out a solid message through the story that everybody, irrespective of who they are and what profession they work in, must be given respect.

 “Women chose to become call girls because of some sort of compulsion and not because they want to get into the profession. They must be treated with some respect which is never the case,” he adds.  

The shooting for the film is complete and Hariprriya feels her character is perfectly juxtaposed with the rest of the characters in the film.

The project also has actors Jaggesh and Suman Ranganathan essaying prominent roles. Every character is interrelated and cannot be viewed as separate entities. One character requires the support of another to move forward.

“The viewer will be able to understand why the lives of four people have been put together towards the end of the story,” adds Vijaya.