'Sequels have become our forte'

'Sequels have become our forte'

Filmmaking duo

'Sequels have become our forte'

While working on Akshay Kumar-starrer It’s Entertainment, film director and writer duo Sajid Samji and Farhad Samji received a call from producer Sajid Nadiadwala for the third instalment of the Housefull series. The duo, who took up the offer, agree that “sequels have become our forte”, but admit that “it is not easy” to write them.

“People think that it (Housefull) is a successful franchise, so will definitely work. But there is a lot of responsibility when it comes to writing sequels. You have to ensure that everything is ethically right. However, having said that, it was easy for us because we have written many sequels earlier — for Dhamaal and Golmaal series,” says Sajid.

But do sequels restrict their creativity as they have to be in accordance with previous storylines? “No; and that is because every day is new. It’s an interesting challenge to improvise the same characters in similar or different situations. But it is in no way limiting as new minds are coming on board,” explains Farhad.

Talking about the creative process, the duo tells Metrolife that “a great idea can strike you anywhere”. “And then, since we work as a team, we have to be honest and critical of each other’s work. So I have to hear and understand whatever Farhad bounces at me as an audience, and he has to do the same. Of course, there are times when creative differences pop up, but all of that is at the work level,” says Sajid.

Known for penning comedies, Sajid-Farhad share that despite being offered films that have double meaning, they have been successful in staying away from such content. On being asked how they manage to stand apart, the duo say that “we are very sure about the fact that while our comedy can be around the belt area, it will never be below it.”

Adding, Farhad says that “we target families, and we are not comfortable with such comedy. We can be naughty, but not vulgar”. The duo, who is currently working on sequels Judwaa 2 and Golmaal 4, is looking forward to Housefull 3’s television premier on Star Gold on September 4 at 1 pm.