Thoughts on leading life

Thoughts on leading life

The desire to live a long, prosperous, healthy and trouble-free life is a common human trait. Whether we are actually able to live like this or not, everyone harbours at least some or even all of these desires.

What is forgotten here is the important question of 'How we lead our lives', whether we adhere to the path of righteousness, truth, respect for the scriptural injunctions and so on.

The Yajurveda deals with this topic in this manner. This text says that when we wake up everyday, we are able to see the world only because of the illumination provided by the sun. The sun is the 'Eye of the World'. In Indian culture, and as well as many other world cultures too, the sun is accorded an exalted position and is revered as the deity who not only illumines the universe with his effulgence, but also the giver of life,, food, health and knowledge.

"May we be seeing this glorious, beneficent sun for a hundred autumns, may we delight and rejoice for a hundred autumns, may we hear and speak for a hundred autumns, may we lead upright lives for a hundred autumns, may we be seeing this sun for a long time' says the Yajurveda, giving voice to the unspoken desire of mankind to live a long life."

The text does not stop here. It continues to speak on the way to lead this long life. "May we comprehend the greatness of the creator of this cosmos, his boundless power, omniscience and omnipresence. May we meditate on this supreme being. Even to do this, his grace is necessary. May he impel us to do so. This great being is addressed by various names by various people. May we always look upon him as the 'one' Lord and may he make us adore him".

The universal and catholic approach of the Vedas in understanding that there is only one supreme power, whatever be the name and method is clearly seen here. Where there is human life, there is wrongdoing.

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