Meeting on common grounds

Meeting on common grounds

An expo was held to prepare Bangaloreans for the Sunfeast World 10k marathon.

This exhibition-cum sale featured gear that one might require to prepare for the run. Minister for Transport, R Ashok, who was one of the guests of honour at this event, said he had bought himself a kit from one of the bigger sport brands to help him in the run.
The event was inaugurated by actor Prem, Minister for Textiles and Sports G D Shekhar and R Ashok. After a brief ceremony and speeches, Prem left the venue stating other commitments.

Before he left, he told Metrolife that he intended to run the race. He also said that he considered that this was, ‘a celebration of the City.’

Talking about the event, Arati Kakatkar said, “This is a world-wide phenomenon. It is a build-up to the race. For us, the race has already begun. This gives the different sections of society that participate a common ground to meet on.”

The two ministers, who were present at the event took time to visit each stall.
The highlight of the afternoon was when minister Ashok ran on the treadmill at one of the stalls and later got a foot treatment. He said, “This is an important event as it brings awareness to people about health. It also brings together people from over the world. Till now Bangalore has been known for IT and BT, now it will also become famous for sport.”

Minister G D Shekhar, who had also registered for the race, added to this view saying, “There are too many differences in the world. Such events bring people together.  It doesn’t have boundaries. It’s all about unity and peace.”

Overall, those gathered seemed happy that the representatives of the government were actually spending time at the venue as opposed to just lighting the lamp and hurrying to their next appointment.

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