Cheering on the teams

Cheering on the teams

Cheering on the teams

Radhika Pandit

The first match falls on Ugadi but the stars can’t wait to catch a glimpse of their home team perform. “The IPL is all over the place and it’s tough not to think about it and plan the way ahead,” they aver.

The stars have laid aside plans and even rescheduled their shooting to be there for the match. For once, you’d find them off the sets and on the ground cheering, hooting at their sporty best.

They’re dragging along their friends and family. We will see them in their casuals and beware they might even merge with the crowd and one just might not recognise them.   
Shivarajkumar, a self-confessed cricket buff, will not let his tight schedules keep him from going to IPL. He is definitely not going to miss the IPL in Bangalore this year more so because his brother Puneeth has been roped in as the ambassador of RCB. “Even though IPL clubs entertainment with serious gaming, the ultimate thing is winning the match. And watching it live is a different feeling altogether,” he says. Shivanna is going to be dressed in his casual best.

 Aindrita Ray has gathered a big bunch of her friends and is all set to cheer on the RCB team. She is going to be dressed in a tee and jeans and perhaps will carry a cap to keep the sun off.  “I am looking forward to the IPL only because it’s not serious cricket. There’s less of rivalry and it’s not a tedious game. I am sure the team will do well with all the hard work,” says Aindrita. She feels that with so much hype, people will turn up in large numbers to support the team.

Sudeep feels the IPL is a perfect platform for the young players to take off. “It’s serious cricket clubbed with entertainment. The promotions have generated so much excitement that it’s irresistible not to be there,” he says. You won’t see Sudeep suited and booted. He will be in his most comfortable attire: slip-ons, a tee and a pair of jeans.

Radhika Pandit will drag along her brother for company. “The RCB team were so close to winning last time. I hope the team will take a cue from last year and will do well this time,” says Radhika. She feels that since the matches are all happening in Bangalore, there’d be more crowd support and the cheering will be twice as much.