Creative retailing online

Creative retailing online

Creative retailing online

informing Paolo, Raul and Sanchita.

The eighth edition of Festa Italiana recently organised, E-Fashion, a seminar on the online retail management, to an audience comprising students from fashion institutes. The presentation was put up by Paolo Meroni, a senior faculty at Istituto Marangoni, who touched upon various factors that moved many companies to take on e-commerce. “While long time ago, fashion retail online was considered too cheap to be used as a sales channel, today it has been accepted, attracting massive investments,” said Paolo.

The presentation highlighted how most important Italian luxury brands and the griffe trendmakers approach the new market; the main differences between internet retail and traditional retail; most effective marketing tools and how e-fashion can create new retail solutions for the industry.

Throughout the presentation, Paolo substantiated each of his points with interesting slides and pictures. He laid emphasis on Yoox’s case, a highly profitable e-commerce company that serves 28 countries worldwide. “This company operates online stores of Italian fashion houses like Armani, Diesel, Moschino and others,” he added.

He also showcased various websites, owned by fashion houses, that allows a customer to take a closer look at their products.

One such interesting website was of Lousoutin, with the designer in the shape of a mosquito. Then there is the character from Psycho who tries to kill a girl in the shower with a shoe and other creative things.

“This virtual creativity on a website makes the site stand out and last long in one’s mind,” he said.

Also lending support to Paolo was designer Sanchita Ajjampur and Raul D’souza, from Instituto Marangoni.