In a league of its own

In a league of its own

Haute style

In a league of its own

The designers at ‘Allen Solly’ strive to work towards eliminating repetition and monotony in their designs. Every new collection that hit the stands has its own character. The latest line of workwear for women from ‘Solly’ by Allen Solly reflects the spirit and vibrant lifestyle of the modern woman. 

A colourful twist

The first thing that grabs your attention about the latest collection is the fit and the colours used to lend a unique twist to every garment.

Vandana Gupta, Head of Design — Allen Solly — Woman and Juniors at Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, says that the inspiration behind the latest line for women comes from the tailoring of the 60’s and 70’s. “We have interpreted the past in a modern way by combining bohemian floral prints with contemporary work casuals,” says Vandana.     She points out that the designers have attempted to redefine workwear in their latest collection.

“We wanted to introduce a trend which would have different ways of dressing to work. Dressing up to office should be just as exciting as dressing for dinner or a night out.   We’ve introduced two lines — contemporary workwear and work casuals,” says Vandana. She adds that the designers have tried to strike the right balance between style and comfort without comprising on the overall look of the garment. Vandana says that most working women look for a blend of comfort and style when they shop for workwear.

“Women who are working have become very conscious about what they wear and how they present themselves at their work spaces. Well-fitted trousers, a tailored blazer and pop of colour through a fluid work shirt paired with stylish comfortable loafers —this best sums up the style quotient of the women of today,” adds Vandana.   

Matching two pieces

in an attempt to achieve a distinct look may not be an option all the time. “The key to balance your look is to select one statement piece which could be anything from a coloured blazer, bold print or statement shoe and then working out other neutral pieces around it,” explains Vandana.  

In addition to stocking some interesting designs, the brand also has an attractive range of bags and shoes in vibrant colours that are suitable for every occasion. “The market is flooded with all types of accessories. We stock the same accessories but we play around with colours to offer something unique,” says Vandana.

Malaika Susan Mathew, a student of Mount Carmel College, chose to wear a floral
Punchline: “This is a very versatile piece of garment that can be worn for both formal as well as casual
occasions. It’s cool and classy.”
Price: Dress (Rs 3,299)

Sridevi, a student of Mount Carmel College, picked up a floral-printed top and paired it with blue denims. 
Punchline: “The floral top and denims is a striking combination. The material is easy to maintain.”
Price:  Top (Rs 1,999),
denims (Rs 2,299) and shoes  (Rs 2,299).

Safa Suhail, a student
of Mount Carmel College, wore peach coloured
pants with a striped
Punchline: “The brand
has everything that a
fashionable girl is looking for.  The sheer variety is
Price: Top (Rs 1,499) and trouser (Rs 2,099) .

Urmila, a student of BMS Engineering College, wore a white top, a black skirt and green sweater. 
Punchline: “The clothes are stitched to perfection and it doesn’t look like it will lose its shape so easily. The combination is very striking.”
Price: Top (Rs 1,899), skirt (Rs 1,699), sweater (Rs 2,299) and shoes (Rs 1,799).

Neeya, a student of BMS College of Engineering, a pink top with denims and matched the look with a black jacket.
Punchline: “The jacket makes a huge difference to the look of the garment.”
Price: Jacket (Rs 5,299), denim (Rs 2,499), top
(Rs 1,899) and shoes (Rs 1,599).

Vindya, a student of Mount Carmel College, wore a blue and white floral short dress.
Punchline: “The dress is really beautiful and there’s a summery feel about it because of the floral prints on it. You can add to the look of the garment by adding a jacket and boots.”
Price: Dress (Rs 2,999)