Cops rescue kidnapped businessman, arrest three

Cops rescue kidnapped businessman, arrest three

The Bagalur police on Thursday rescued a 41-year-old businessman after arresting three persons from Telangana.

The trio had kidnapped Srihari Sudharshan to recover Rs 2.9 crore he owed to his estranged business partner based in Secunderabad, the police said.

Srihari, who had been to work on Wednesday, did not return home. Before his wife Soujanya could realise something was amiss, she received a phone call from Srihari’s mobile phone on Thursday. The caller told her that her husband is in their custody.

He asked her to hand over Srihari’s chequebooks to his associates who would visit her, to ensure his safe release. A shocked Soujanya immediately informed the police.

The police swung into action and analysed mobile phone call detail records of Srihari’s phone. They found that numerous calls were made to Hyderabad and surrounding places. Suspecting the involvement of men from Telangana, the police started looking for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana registration vehicles and came across a car with AP registration parked near Jade Garden, off Airport Road.

When police approached the car, the occupants of the vehicle sped way. After chasing them for over five kilometres, the police intercepted the car on airport service road and rescued Srihari and arrested his kidnappers. The arrested are: Mohammed Waseem, 35, Mohammed Abdul Zameer, 38, and Syed Waseef, 46.
The trio told the police that they had kidnapped Srihari to recover the money he owed to Suresh of Secunderabad. Suresh and Srihari were business partners for the past 22 years and running visa funding business.

According to the police, those apply for business visa are supposed to provide proof of certain fixed amount in their bank account. Srihari and Suresh would deposit the required money into the applicant’s bank account in exchange for service charges. Through this business, they had made huge profits. Recently, differences cropped between them over sharing the profits. According to Suresh, Srihari owed him Rs. 2.9 crore. Suresh hatched a plan to kidnap Srihari using the three men and told them that they would get Rs 20 lakh if the entire amount is recovered.

The trio came here and stayed in a serviced apartment in Jade Garden. On Wednesday, they kidnapped Srihari while he was returning home. Search is on for Suresh.