'Women are close to my heart'

'Women are close to my heart'

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'Women are close to my heart'

Amid widespread outrage over the molestation incident in Bengaluru on New Year’s eve, actor Shah Rukh Khan has also condemned it, saying parents must treat their sons in a way that they learn to respect women.

The New Year revelry turned into a nightmare for several women who were allegedly molested despite huge police presence at a large gathering on December 31 in Bengaluru’s downtown region, sparking nationwide outrage.

When asked about it, Shah Rukh said, “The feeling is exactly the same as other celebrities have said. I think it’s completely wrong. We all, mothers and fathers, have to treat our sons in a way that they learn to respect women from an early age.”

The 51-year-old actor was speaking at a special fashion show of designer Archana Kochhar.
About women empowerment issues, Shah Rukh said women should be treated with utmost respect, whether they are working professionals or housewives.

"I think women are close to my heart, my daughter is close to my heart, mother is close to my heart, all girls are close to my heart. I think it is high time we realise that and make sure they are the most respected people on the planet," he asserted.

"If they were not there, we wouldn't be here. Working women, housewives, every women who is there in the world should be respected," he added.

On New Year's eve, several women were allegedly molested and groped on MG Road and Brigade Road where the revellers had gathered, despite the presence of more than 1,500 police personnel, an incident that led to a national outrage.