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Content in her world

He may be known for his comic timings and funny characters, but Bollywood actor Anjana Sukhani says Sunil Grover is anything but a prankster in real life.

The actor will be seen opposite Grover in the film ‘Coffee With D’ and Anjana feels though he has given life to characters like Gutthi and Dr Gulati, he is not a ‘prankster.’

“People keep asking me, is he this big prankster because he is a big comic and I say no he isn’t a prankster on sets. In between the scenes he will do something, bring a twist, may be by changing lines and that would crack you up.”

“He is not a prankster. He is pretty very sober that way. He has over done that so much that perhaps people might find his normal self different,” Anajan said.

The 38-year-old actor says in the Vishal Mishra directed film, the comedian is not trying to make people laugh deliberately as “it isn’t a slapstick comedy.”

“Sunil comes with this huge baggage of Gutthi and Gulati. He is phenomenal in both the characters. But this was very different for him as well because you’re breaking away from an image.”

“There (on the show) he is deliberately trying to be Gulati, cracking you up with jokes. But here it wasn’t like that. It was very different.”

Though she has acted in Bollywood films like ‘Saalam-E-Ishq’, ‘Golmaal Returns’ and ‘Sunday’, Anjana has also featured in several South Indian movies.

The actor feels there is a “lot of focus” on storytelling in movies down South, and says even things are changing in Bollywood today.

“Cinema is something done out of passion. But for people who are putting money, for them it is business. You have to make sure that both the parties are happy. It’s a cycle which keeps going.”

“Regional cinema is a little strong content wise than Bollywood but I guess that’s part of every industry. Though, I would say, we do see a lot of good content based films in Bollywood coming out today.” Anjana says she has been a “little reclusive” in the past but insists she will be seen doing more Bollywood films this year, once her ‘Coffee With D’ hits the screens on January 20.