The emotional wars

The emotional wars

They are at loggerheads, being at variance with each other. At times, they go hammer and tongs, too, yet they make strange bedfellows, oddly relating to one another. Well, the reference isn’t about two mortal enemies or arch-rivals. It is about twin contrary emotions, often experienced by us in succession.

Like, for instance, just when you are feeling enamoured of your elder sister’s entrepreneurial qualities and efficiency in every work; suddenly you find yourself, engulfed by waves of exasperation, as you think about her execrable highhanded behaviour.

Similarly, just when you are admiring your work assistant’s adroitness in accomplishing any task assigned by you, suddenly you find yourself abhorring his astute ways of trotting out wooly excuses for absenting himself days together.

These twin contrast emotions are experienced in other contexts, too. Like, say, when you have bagged a prestigious foreign assignment, you find your mind being cleaved into two parts.  One part is pretty happy for picking up the plum project, whereas other part is pathetically gloomy, thinking of family separation! And then, when you have earned those extra bucks from your aforesaid assignment, you find one side of your self-centered mind, persistently prodding you to procure that prepossessing jewellery, while the other altruistic side is goading you to generously give away as charity.

 And, at your workplace, after a blazing confrontation with a cantankerous, crabby-minded colleague, you find one corner of mind, trying to condone his culpability, whereas the other spiteful part, stimulating you to settle scores with stinging word-lash the next time!

Well, there are many more such positive and negative palimpsest of emotions
interplaying, combating and jostling for space, in the cauldron of mind. Funnily, our mind is like a dirigible balloon, which can be steered, controlled and guided. Hence, it is all up to us, to pick up which emotion we’d prefer, to be floating uppermost on mind, which has the potential to create/influence all our moods.

Which means, it is completely in our control, to create either relaxed or restless mood; peace-replete or peace-depleted mood; happy or harassed mood; fearless or fear-fraught mood… all depending upon our respective selection of positive or negative emotions.