Leaving all troubles behind

Leaving all troubles behind

Family vacation

Leaving all troubles behind

The days of heading back to the countryside to spend time with relatives in rural areas have given way to the customised holiday tailored for the entire family, where interests as varied as gastronomy, golfing, deep sea diving, hot air ballooning, snorkelling and rollercoasting are catered to.

“The travel industry has special deals for families post examination time. They offer all-inclusive packages and cruises that organise kids clubs and teen activities to game park reserves, theme parks and spas that include golfing, shopping expeditions and baby-sitting services,” says Ela Nobbay, who is taking off with her family and a group of 28 friends to visit Israel and Jordan this summer. “My two children are aged 10 and 18. This trip will be a combination of a live history and religious lesson and thrilling adventure. From an expedition to the top of Massada in the desert or floating in the Dead Sea, the holiday will help broaden our horizons and gather special family moments. Every year, we choose a different place for a new experience. The game reserve at Kenya was fabulous as the kids got to see the huge migratory hordes of wild animals up close and personal. So was the snorkelling and scuba diving in the Maldives and  Florida with its exciting theme parks.”

Mark and Maya Mathias have two daughters studying Medicine and Commerce and find it difficult to co-ordinate holiday schedules. “An annual family vacation is a sacred tradition however. We enjoy taking the girls to seaside places like Goa and Kerala, where there is great food and beach fun for short breaks or overseas for adventure and sightseeing trips,” says Maya. “This year, we are planning to go to an Egyptian beach resort, a combination of pyramids, sun and surf.”

Ranjana Bateja has organised several family vacations this summers to places like Australia and New Zealand, Turkey, Greece and historical parts of Europe like Rome, Paris and Venice. “People want holidays designed to offer each member of the family something different. Cruises are good options as they have round-the-clock food and entertainment for all ages on board. Cruises operating in the Far East are affordable and popular. They are now totally geared to the Indian traveller even offering Jain vegetarian menus and Bollywood entertainment.”

Rahul and Seema Bindal take a family vacation every year and this time, have decided to visit Australia and New Zealand.

“I have a brother who lives there, so that makes it special. Besides that, we would also like to see the Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wonders of the world. We also plan to drive through the South of New Zealand and take in some of the spectacular scenery,” says Seema.